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True Nature Experience
Ekte Natur Opplevelse
Splitboard/ Ski Adventure Trips:
Splitboard/ Ski Opplevelses Turer:
Splitboard Intro Course Camp
9-12 Jan 2020

Stranda, Norway

Fjords Splitboard Camp
20-23 Feb 2020

Stranda, Norway

Fjords of Norway Splitboard Fest
5-8 March 2020

Stranda, Norway

Fjords Pow Safari, Freeride Week
9-15 March 2020

Stranda, Norway

Fjords Splitboard Camping Expedition
19-22 March 

Stranda, Norway

Arctic Splitboard Camp
23-26 April 2020

Lofoten, Norway

Summer Glacier Splitboard Camp
28-31 May 2020

Stryn, Norway

Summer Splitboard  Camping Expedition
4-7 June 

Stryn, Norway

Summer Splitboard Intro Course Camp
18-21 June 

Stryn, Norway

Arctic Splitboard Expedition
Dates Coming

Svalbard, Norway

Summer Splitboard/Ski

Stryn Summer Ski Area

Stryn Summer Ski area was the place to be for summer time snowboarding in the 90´s. That changed quick with the decrease of snowboarding and the next decade the locals have had it almost all for their 

self. This area has the best summer time freeriding and touring possibilities we know of in Northern Europe. The nature, glacier and mountains around Stryn is really beautiful and a great experience in itself. Splitboarding in this area in summer time is great. Please come and join us for some summer time splitboarding in june.     


The Fjords

Stranda, fjords of Norway

Stranda with the nickname"powderparadise" in the fjords of Norway is a little known place. This beautiful splitboarders paradise has 100´s of great mountains in all shapes and categories. Here you can go touring with a nice fjord view for days and meeting very few people. Stranda offers some of the best freeriding terrain in Northern Europe. With it´s steep peaks, 

couloirs and mountains sticking straight up from the fjords this amazing area you have to come and see. If your lucky you can see the Northern Ligths here during winter time. Join us for some great splitboarding trips around the fjords. 

Splitboard/Ski in the Arctic 

The Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle 

Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle is a special charming place with it´s own norwegian "fishing" culture and style. Here are great mountains for touring with a beautiful ocean view. This is a splitboarders dream place. The beauty of the nature here will take the breath away from most people and here you can splitboard from beach to peak in a few hours. During clear winter nights the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) comes out and dances on the sky. Splitboarding under the Northern Lights is one of the more special experiences you can have. Please, join us for some Arctic split boarding in Lofoten.